"Nadia's guidance and coaching are second to none. As a former professional athlete, I understood the importance of nutrition and nutrient timing, but Nadia's expertise is on another level. Not only does she design amazing custom plans, she educates in the process. By far the best nutritionist I've ever encountered, thankful to be a client of hers."

- Justin Currie

"Nadia is just so passionate about what she does and it shows in the quality of her programs! I had tons of questions and she never made me feel bad about asking them. She provides constructive feedback along the way and great education throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her for nutritional needs! Thanks for everything Nadia!"

- Salimah S.

"If you're stuck and wanting to lose weight or learn how to eat right like I did, you should contact Nadia. I was fortunate enough to work with her for a month where I work out at and in that short time she taught me how to turn my nutrition around in the right direction. She truly knows her stuff!"

- Amy Lopez

"I absolutely love her. I used her services for 1 month and would totally do more if I could. She listens to everything you say and makes custom meals, diet plans and fitness programs for you. She also doesn't deprive you of the things you love and enjoy. It's a lifestyle!! She's already worked wonders for me and it will only continue from here moving up !!!!"

- Sabrina Blankenship

"I was skeptical about working with a Nutritionist because my past experiences weren’t so great. Nadia has really changed my perspective on several things. She is very knowledgeable and flexible. When you’re working with someone who has struggled with weight and poor eating habits for several years, you have to have a certain level of patience and creative ideas to gain the client’s business. Nadia does that and more. With her delicious recipes, convenient shopping lists, and workout plans I’ve managed to drop weight and prove that it’s sustainable. I’ve been sleeping better, have a more positive attitude, and the cravings that I thought I could never do without have decreased significantly. If you’re looking to make a change then Nadia’s Nutrition is the way to go."

- Sharmeen Khan

"Nadia's testimonial: Nadia is by far one of the most educated and professional nutritionist/personal trainers that I have the pleasure of working with. She not only has a realistic approach to her clients' personal goals but she makes them her goals as well. She is flexible but firm when it comes to her work, and as a client, I see her passion for it. What I love about Nadia's Nutrition is that the meal plans are customizable to my body and my personal tastes; she modifies meals so I feel like I am eating delicious food, not diet food. For me, that's an enormous difference between Nadia and others; I am making a lifestyle change and the fact that she is by my side makes it 100x easier for me to follow through and to be happy with myself. I highly recommend Nadia's Nutrition to anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change and have a great support system."

- Monica Nazempoor

"Nadia is amazing at her job. I struggled with over weight for about years now. Saw tremendous progress of a family member and decided to give it a try and got myself reduce about 20lbs in three months. I struggled with eating too much junk food specially high amount of sugar intake . She really made me realize healthy can also be yummy. Highly recommend to everyone who struggle with weight issues. Keep inspiring Nadia!"

- Salimah Bhamani Virani

"I was doing HIIT three times a week for a year and the scale barely budged. My trainers kept telling me that it was most likely my nutrition or the lack thereof holding me back. I wasn't sure I believed them. I was doing what THEY told me to do. But they were also quick to remind me they weren't nutrionists which is why they highly recommended that I have a consult with Nadia. After our first meeting I was convinced by Nadia's confidence in her knowledge and expertise that she could help me to achieve my weight loss goals. Her approach isn't so restrictive that you feel deprived or that you break the bank to be healthy. I think the best part is she includes you in the planning by taking into account your food likes and dislikes. Before a goal of losing 50+ pounds seemed beyond reach. Because Nadia has made it so easy with easy to follow customized meal plans the first 50 lbs is almost in the books! My self-confidence is being restored and I'm not as afraid to look at myself in the mirror. I like the steady results that I'm seeing and the fact that I am taking a healthy approach to weight loss. Can't wait to see the final new/old me when she emerges. Twenty plus years is a long time and I've missed her."

- Charmaine Pruitt

"When I first spoke to Nadia I was skeptical about it all. I new I needed to make quite a few changes in my life and the biggest change in my life I wanted to make was to change how I perceived myself as a woman in my own skin. I think that a lot of us have that problem...where we look at all our flaws and aren't happy with ourselves. We dictate a lot of our decisions (whether we realize it or not) based on how we see/treat ourselves. I know that my self love is not going to be based off of how much weight I lose but will be based on what I learn. I want to gain a lot of things throughout this journey and one of them is---I'm the one who chooses how I should live my life and where my physical or emotional happiness comes from. I don't want to feel happy with everything else in my life except for myself. My goal, physically/aesthetically, is to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn to care for my body the best way that I can. I could've attempted to do this alone but I'm tired of just guessing what I need to do and give up when I don't see the results that I want. I want to educate myself with someone who is fully knowledgeable and let that someone push me because they see something in me that I know I have but can't find because of all the self doubt I have. So far Nadia's been amazing---anytime I doubt myself, have questions, or just need advice she's there for me. I've been struggling a lot and you know what I get from her? I get tons of messages telling me to find that inner strength to keep going and I get tons of messages to the tons of questions I have. I give her my feedback on a weekly basis and her nutrition advice/coaching has been changing based on that. We've've been figuring out what works and doesn't work for me. So far, she's the best investment I've done lol. I've only been doing the coaching for a month and a half and in all honesty I really love her. I decided to do this review early in because i felt like she deserves the great review. I'll also post a review after my 3 months are up.....Thank you so so much Nadia, I really appreciate everything you've done for me!"

- Cristina Sanchez

"I had tried every diet in the book, from the cayenne pepper and lemonade diet to the cabbage soup, nothing worked. After a lot of hesitation I reached out to a friend who was on a great routine and she told me to talk to Nadia, someone who I had met about 10 years ago but never worked with. From the moment I called Nadia for a consultation, I knew this time things would be different. One thing I can say is Nadia really cares about her clients, from daily check ins to just bring a friend and understanding what you’re going through. My life is an emotional rollercoaster and people usually give up on me,but Nadia was a superwoman who let me vent, gave me advice and never let me quit. She set me up on a plan that I actually enjoyed, she taught me it was truly a lifestyle change not a drastic diet and she helped me cut the weight off. Pants I had hoped I’d fit into again someday we’re back in my closet in no time. I truly have loved working with her and can’t wait to continue seeing where she can take me. She’s amazing at what she does and I don’t say that lightly. Truly one of the best ever!"

- Arwa Noorali

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