About Me


Hi, I’m Nadia Shalwani – and I have a unique story that has brought me to this point of being able to help people enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual lives through an improved lifestyle to bring them a more meaningful life! Growing up I experienced some of the lowest days of my life. Due to some rather significant childhood traumas, I had a level of anxiety and depression that was nearly paralyzing. I felt very unworthy, which lead me to struggle with nearly every eating disorder in the book – including almost overdosing on diet pills. In a near desperate attempt to feel better, I tried everything, including depression, anxiety, and ADHD meds, and additional dieting techniques. Not only was nothing working, it was actually making my depression and anxiety worse. To the point I nearly took my life. It was at this time, my rock bottom, when it dawned on me that in order to have the mental strength I needed to get over these limitations, I needed to also have the physical strength to support it. This realization changed my life forever – it was the point where my fitness therapy journey began. I turned exercise into therapy and became very passionate about helping others do the same. This drove me to become a personal trainer. What I identified through this process was that exercise and food are powerful outlets that allowed me to feel like I was in control of myself. I didn’t have to be a victim to my anxiety and depression. What I never expected was just how powerful the difference exercise combined with better food choices were for my mental strength! As I got more absorbed with fitness, it flowed into a change in how I fueled my body. The key that really freed me from my nearly paralyzed state was realizing that though exercise helped, it wasn’t going to be able to offer the support I needed on its own. No matter how hard I trained, or if I even trained at all, it was my healthy food choices that made the biggest impact in my life. Seeing the significance of my food choices, I decided to pursue a nutrition degree to be able to help more people who experience similar mental and physical obstacles. After graduation, I worked with Baylor University Medical Center as a clinical nutritionist. While my time there was valuable, I knew that I wanted to use my unique wellness background to help people prevent illness, rather than treat it once it arises. So, I entered the health industry, where I worked for a number of different health clubs as a Master Trainer and eventually as a Fitness & Nutrition Director. Though my formal job title has adapted throughout the years, I have been involved in many facets of health, fitness, and wellness that have given me the skills to be able to help what is now nearly 600 clients. My background gives me the unique ability to combine each client’s specific health, life’s history, mental strength, and current relationship with food, to create a program that will help them reach their goal. I’m on a mission to enable people along all walks of life to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement through tailored lifestyle programs. My purpose is to share my gift and my own personal experiences to enhance lifestyles to help create more meaningful lives.

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